What is really true in this post truth era? How do we form our opinions and how impressionable are we? The Circle of Truth uses a revolutionary combination of theatre, music and night culture to explore our twisted relationship with the truth. In this roaming 3-hour nightlife experience the devil himself helps you step out of your comfortable social bubble to see the truth in a new light. Sometimes pretty, always different.

Directed by Chafik Benhmidouch and Xander Straat, The Circle of Truth is co-created by a diverse group of theatre makers, installation artists, ballet dancers, visual artists, opera singers, mime artists, musicians and other night creatures.
All of us stepped out of our usual line of work to play a part in this multidisciplinary mindfuck. Art fanatics, theatre goers, opera lovers and night culture vultures: there is something in it for all of you.
Performed from Thursday 14 April – 22 May 2022
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