Yellow Horizon

Yellow Horizon is s sensory theatre experience. Physically disorienting, resembling a ritual, an opportunity to sharpen your senses and discover a new sensitivity, a new horizon.

For “Yellow Horizon,” choreographer and philosopher Annemijn Rijk, in collaboration with scenographer Theun Mosk, explored the principles of spatial, sensory, and physical disorientation. Yellow Horizon is not a traditional performance but an experience, a ritual, that makes your senses tremble. Everything comes straight to you. By playing with light and darkness, breath and perspective, the theater hall is being transformed. This sharpens your senses, and you perceive the world differently than you’re accustomed to. Dancer Noemi Calzavara, mime player Niels van Heijningen, and actress Sofie Porro are your guides in this free fall.

We delve deep within, not by deep thinking, but by momentarily setting aside the usual way we understand, interpret, or appropriate the world. What remains when reason fades away, and only the body remains? Yellow Horizon shakes up our senses and, in doing so, our idea of ourselves. Deep within, there is a whole new world to discover, a new horizon.

Choreographer en Philosopher | Annemijn Rijk
Scenographer | Theun Mosk
Performers | Noemi Calzavara
Niels van Heijningen
Sofie Porro
Composer | Aura Bouw
Costume designer | Annemarije van Harten
Graphic designer | Tessa Meeus
Photographer | Loet Koreman
Business leader | Laura de Vos
Technician | Paul van Vliet
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