Who are the men we barely notice as we cycle to work in the morning? The men who guzzle liters of coffee in a construction trailer (put) plastered with posters of naked women? The people who build the houses we live in?

We follow the break-time rituals of three construction workers in and around their construction trailer. Ready meals with kale, conversations about cement mixers or vacation plans, and a radio that plays Dutch hits nonstop. Until one day, a passerby knocks on the door of the trailer. The outside world sweeps in like a whirlwind, and the construction workers are forced to confront their own clichés.

What does the gaze of an outsider do to these construction workers? And to what extent does your profession define who you are?

Tenue Continu consists of Niels van Heijningen, Luna Joosten, Emile Rogissart, Pien Trieling, and Dagmar Ketelaers. They form a collective that creates visual theater on location. In their work, they continually delve into an underrepresented profession, hoping to bridge the gap between different groups in society. Previously, they created the performance “I Expected a Bit More from an Earthquake” for Winterkaravaan, which focused on firefighters.
Concept & acting | Dagmar Ketelaers
Emile Rogissart
Niels van Heijningen
Pien Trieling
Concept & director | Luna Joosten
Coproduction | Karavaan Festival
Photography | Moon Saris
Partners | Marcel Trieling Bouwbedrijf
Kesselaar & Zn
Bouwcentrum Filippo Beverwijk
Timmerfabriek Duiveman
Thanks to Janivo Stichting, Alkmaar Maakt Het, BPD & Alkmaars Kanaal
Review from Theaterkrant | “The dialogues are strong; the crude language and the shallow conversations elicit loud laughter from the audience. With occasionally somewhat absurdist perspectives, visually expressive physical acting, and a playful use of sound, ‘Put’ is a delight to watch.”
If you are interested in the recording of the performance, please contact me.
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