You never had the choice to be born, but every day you have the choice to end your life.
What freedom lies in that possibility? Can ‘being alive’ become a conscious choice?

a short film by BAMBAMBAM (Merette van Hijfte, Niels van Heijningen & Tine Tabak)
premiere 10th of July Studio/K
Tine Tabak – Writer & director | Merette van Hijfte & Niels van Heijningen – Producer | Merette van Hijfte & Niels van Heijningen – Cast | Alessiò – DOP & first assistant | Davey Bakker – Camera operator | Peter de Harder – Light | Jorge Ponce – Sound on set | Annika Leeuwenkuijl – Set & costume advisor | Alex Harris – Set assistant | Annika Leeuwenkuijl & Samuel van Keeken – Production on set | Willy van Hijfte & Sjef van Hijfte – Catering | Ko van den Bosch – Script advisor | Sarah Baan – Editor & titels | Mees Vervuurt – Composing & mixing | Simon Lucker – Sound design | Krijn Moons – Mixing & mastering | Tuur Oosterlinck – Grading
Special thanks to Wil Huijbrechts, Sam de Jong, Cas Mulder, Samuel Neeter, Geert Oddens, Lois Maat, Dwayne Toemere,
Stella van Leeuwen, Ward ten Voorde, Loes van der Pligt, Thijs Tabak & Charles Pas.
Made possible with a financial contribution of the ATD-Aart Janszen Fund.


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