Niels van Heijningen

I was born on a Tuesday morning 9 past 9 on February the 9th, 1999. I grew up in a small village called Honselersdijk, somewhere in the south-west of The Netherlands near the forest and the sea.
From a young age I already had the ambition to work in the theatre. At the age of 10 I performed in various operas and performances. When I decided to go to the “big city” I came across the Theaterklas (theatre high school), a collaboration between Dalton The Hague and RABARBER; every Friday lessons on theatre, singing and dancing for five full years. During this period there have been several productions on RABARBER which I performed in.
I became acquainted with the full-time theatre life when I attended the theatreschool Utrecht pre-course. After a full year of workshops and new insights I was accepted at the Mime school at the Amsterdam University of the performing Arts. An education to become a physical actor with a great focus on making and your unique personal style. Where I’m graduated in August 2021.
During my theatre life I worked together with Abdel Daoudi, Fabian Santerciel de la Quintana, Francesca Lazzeri, Schweigman&,  Johannes Bellinkx, Luna Joosten, Malou Gorter, Roeland Hofman, Stephen Liebman, Studio Danish BlueTamar BlomTheater in Feite and Ulrike Quade Company. I also made my own work together with Aleksej Ovsiannikov, Sarah Ringoet and Tom de Ronde.

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